Porlex Tall II Coffee Mill / Grinder

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It is a compact coffee grinder, perfect for travel or every day use at home!


  • Class leading Handle design (patent pending)
  • Ceramic conical burr
  • Full adjustment Turkish powder to French Press coarse
  • Lifted curved handle is about 150mm long
  • Very quiet static free operation with effortless turning force required to grind
  • Bottom catch cup allows direct dosing into portafilter, no additional funnels needed
  • Grind rate is about 200 turns for 14 grams of beans through the espresso range
  • Made in Kagoshima, Japan.
  • English instructions included.

Capacity : approx 38g

Product Dimension & Weight : 192 x 50 x 50mm & 275g

Packaged Dimension & Weight : 195 x 86 x 53mm & 330g