Porlex Tea Mill / Grinder II

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Grind your own matcha powder at home with this great tea grinder-mill made in Kagoshima, Japan.
This class leading design has newly developed (patent pending) Ceramic burs that do not impair the flavour and will last you for many years. They are Adjustable to grind from course to very fine (18 micron).
Commercial matcha is 10 microns , below 30 micron is considered good in the
By consuming matcha you are getting the full health benefit of the green tea leaves by consuming all the nutrients. Claims are made that I you would have to drink over 10 cups of green tea to equal the nutrients in one cup of matcha.
Grinding your own matcha is not only much less expensive than buying matcha powder but gives you the flexibility to try different tea leaves other than Tencha.
You could also try Gyokuro, Sencha or Bancha, We recommend Japanese Sencha.

You can also use Matcha for your cooking, savoury or sweet.
Sprinkle some on your salad, try it your smoothie or sprinkle it on your yogurt or ice cream.
Porlex recommends the use of tea with stems removed.

    Capacity : approx 20g

    Product Dimension & Weight : 135 x 50 x 50mm & 260g

    Packaged Dimension & Weight : 160 x 68 x 60mm & 295g